Ubisoft After the Storm Full Game Walkthrough Guide

Ubisoft After the Storm is an approaching open-world activity game on a post-apocalyptic planet. This manual will walk you through every stage of the entire game so you can bring the most out of your knowledge. From start to end, this manual will take you through everything you must to know to finish the game and explore every junction of the world. So whether you’re a fresh player or a vet, check it out!

The Setting

Welcome to the full game walkthrough for Ubisoft Behind the Storm. This manual will help you through every stage of the game, from beginning to end. 

In this walkthrough, we will be surrounding the following topics: 

-The Introduction

-How to Begin the Game

-The Main Story Missions

-Side Explorations and Experiences

-Collectables and Prizes

The Characters

Ubisoft Behind the Storm is set on a post-apocalyptic planet after a devastating pandemic has brushed out most of the human ethnicity. You play as one of the final remaining survivors, trying to make a new life and survive in this difficult environment.

The game tracks a branching storyline with numerous endings, making it replayable. There are 17 different characters you can interact with, each with its own special story and character. You can also team up with friends to take on difficult harmonious missions.

Three types of weapons are known for you to use: guns, melee weapons, and powers. Each has benefits and drawbacks, so finding the right tool for the job is important. Enemies typically fall into two camps: those that can be killed with traditional weaponry and those that need powers or melee aggression to defeat.


This Ubisoft After the Storm full game guide will show you the game’s rules. 

We will begin with the main screen, where you choose your mission, control your personality, and manage your list.


-To move your texture, use the left analog bar to move them about and use the right analog stick to glance around. 

-To run, press down on the left analog rod and hold it down to drive as fast as possible. 

-If you need to jump, tap on the X switch to jump high into the air or have down X and discharge it to spring off a fence or ledge. 

-You can also rise up ladders by keeping down R2 and removing your character. 

-To swim, press Y, then use directional buttons (left/right) to drive around in the water. 

-When clambering a ladder or in water, if you are attached or want to slow down for a point, press LB then RB, then Circle/Square (XBOX) or L3, then R3, then Triangle/Y (PS4) to stop driving completely so that you can strategize your next move.


-To attack opponents directly with melee spears such as swords or maces, walk up close to them and press Square/X. 

-To avoid enemy attacks, roll out of the way utilizing Left Analog Stick + Directional


Ubisoft After the Storm is an impending open-world action play created by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The contest was announced at E3 2019 and will be terminated on October 9, 2019, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game’s story tracks Max Evans, a mercenary who has been drawn into a war against the devices that have taken over the world. The game’s purpose is to liberate other parts of the world from the machines using Max’s weapons and abilities.

To move through the game, players must meet quests given to them by personalities in the world. These quests can be finished in some ways, including killing enemies or finishing tasks such as thieving items from enemy encampments. Players can also complete side-missions irrelevant to questlines but offer unique benefits, such as opening new weapons or outfits for Max.

Players can freely research the open-world environment in which they recreate the game. This permits them to examine every corner of the map to find hidden gems or uncover hidden passages that show to new areas of the game. There are also numerous points of interest throughout the globe that participants can visit to take on challenges or experience combat events.

The combat system in Ubisoft After The Storm is based on three main components: melee attacks, firearms, and powers. 

Melee episodes are used to deal with hurt with fists and other melee weapons, while guns are used to shoot opponents.

Powers and Abilities

Ubisoft After the Storm Full Game Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to our full game walkthrough for Ubisoft’s upcoming post-apocalyptic experience, After the Storm. This guide will supply tips and advice on completing the game as efficiently as feasible and help you unlock its mysteries.

If you’re creating, we recommend checking out our newbie guide first. Here, we’ll cover the basics of game mechanics and teach you how to stay in a negative world. Once you comprehend what to do and where to go, check our detailed walkthrough below.

In Behind the Storm, you recreate as one of three survivors – each with special abilities – stranded on a deserted island void of all humanity. You’ll need to scavenge for food, build caves and scour the island to find reserves and allies to escape. Along the course, you’ll face difficult enemies and dangerous situations that will test your mental and physical skills. We hope this full game walkthrough supplies you with everything you need to confidently play through Ubisoft’s new post-apocalyptic experience!


Ubisoft After the Storm is a competition that asks a lot from its performers. From controlling resources to fighting off opponents, the game provides abundant challenges for even encountered gamers. In this full game walkthrough guide, we will show you all the tips and tricks required to help you meet every mission and unlock all of the mysteries of Ubisoft After the Storm. Whether you are new to the competition or a seasoned veteran, our focus will assist you get through everything on your passage to becoming a godlike survivor.

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