Ubisoft in Crisis Publisher Ridiculed Walkthrough

There’s no suspicion that Ubisoft has had a challenging time in the past few years. The publisher has been beneath fire, from Assassin’s Creed Unity’s multiple launch issues to Watch Dogs 2’s myriad of issues. But despite all these lapses, Ubisoft is still a powerful player in the video game industry. And its most delinquent project, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, is selected to be one of the year’s most significant releases.

Unfortunately for Ubisoft, things haven’t gone as intended. The game has been slammed for its damaged and buggy gameplay mechanics. In addition, some players have discovered themselves unfit to complete the game due to comprehensive walkthrough guides published by other users. This backlash against Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands severely hurt Ubisoft’s reputation. And it may not be capable to recover from this crash anytime soon. If you want to see more favorable news from Ubisoft, head clear of their social media pages.

Why is Ubisoft in Crisis?

Ubisoft is in a crisis because its shareholders are angry over skipped targets and the company’s denial to give good news. Angry shareholders have forced the company into making extreme changes in its management, including the concession of CEO Yves Guillemot.

In May 2018, Ubisoft revealed that it would cut its annual sales mark by two million units. The following month, Guillemot left after shareholders blamed him for not giving sufficiently good news about the company’s future. New CEO Iain Richardson has pledged that the company will release new games more fast and invest better in marketing and digital media.

However, some investors stay concerned about Ubisoft’s long-term opportunities. In a letter to investors posted on Ubisoft’s website, they cautioned that if the company does not improve its financial performance within three years, it will start a formal appropriation proposal.

The Walkthrough Problem

Ubisoft is in Crisis. The publisher has been mocked for its “walkthrough problem.” Players are finding methods to skip through the game’s missions, and Ubisoft has had to release a patch to resolve the issue.

The “walkthrough problem” started with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Players discovered they could miss most of the game by pursuing an online walkthrough. Ubisoft removed a patch to settle the issue, but it was too late. Players had missed the game and learned how to do so before the patch was removed. Players missed through other games, including Far Cry 4 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Ubisoft responded by removing a video called “How To Skip TasksIn Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.” However, this only made something worse. Many players found methods to bypass Ubisoft’s solutions, and the publisher’s standing was damaged additionally.

Why is the Community so Angry?

The community is furious because Ubisoft released a walkthrough for their game, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, that provides away the game’s entire plot. The walkthrough was created by a YouTuber known as “The Alpha Tribesman” and has been shared on social media thousands of times. Many believe that Ubisoft should have waited until the game came out before casting the walkthrough, as it has destroyed the experience for those who have previously played the game.

Some people are also furious because they feel that Ubisoft is trying to cash in on the success of their other games by releasing a walkthrough so early. They worry this will lead to a decrease in sales for Odyssey, as people will not like to spend money on something they understand how it ends.

Ubisoft Responds

Ubisoft’s financial interpretation has been in downfall for a while now, with the company posting disappointing outcomes for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2018. Amidst this insufficient performance, Ubisoft was recently knocked on a popular walkthrough YouTube channel.

The video in query is a playthrough of Far Cry 5, registered using a walking-through guide. The walkthrough starts by giving participants an extreme amount of help, ultimately leading to the player taking complete control of the game’s protagonist at the very start. Ubisoft was ridiculed for its apparent lack of creation and poor design choices.

Ubisoft responded to the criticism by stating it is “committed to providing gamers with high-quality content” and comprehends how its games can be utilized to “share experiences and connect with others.” The company also highlighted that Far Cry 5 is an “open-world action-adventure game” and that it accomplishes not “[reflect] our values as an institution.”


The gaming society has criticized Ubisoft in Crisis for its lack of content and incomplete features. Many users are finding that walkthroughs and other useful content have been released, generating the game much harder to recreate than it should be. Gamers who have bought Ubisoft in Crisis feel taken benefit of and are calling for a rebateor more clearness from the developer.

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